Studio Designs

Assembly Tips

We at Studio Designs want to thank you for purchasing one of our fine products. We want you to know that we truly value all of you as our customers and want you to be happy with the product you selected. We also understand the degree of mechanical ability varies with each individual therefore we have made a list of a few valuable pointers to help you with proper assembly.

  1. The first thing you want to do is have plenty of workspace available to unpack and inventory all of the parts in the box. While unpacking your new unit, make sure to check everywhere including all of the slots inside of the Styrofoam where small bags of hardware may be hidden and don't throw away any of the packaging until the item is completely assembled.
  2. The next step would be to inventory all of the nuts and bolts and other small parts by using the parts list located in the instruction manual. This is done so while assembling you can easily find the needed parts without searching and possibly using the wrong part and damaging the unit. If you happen to be missing something or something is damaged, Don't worry, we will send you the part as soon as possible.
  3. Now that we have inventoried everything we can start building. One problem that many people encounter is jumping steps. You must go in the order as our instructions refer. Take your time while working through the steps to insure a quality product once assembled.
  4. Do not tighten up any screws until the unit is completely assembled. This will help you line up the remaining holes for attachment as well as make the unit square and level. As soon as everything is complete go ahead and tighten the screws as required. Also remember the floor levelers play a big role in squaring and leveling the unit, so you want to make sure they are all screwed in the same distance, and adjusted as needed.
  5. If you happen to have any questions in regards to your new item please don't hesitate to email or call us, and once again thank you for choosing Studio Designs.