Artograph Super Prism™ Lens for Prism Projector for Added Magnification in Black – Item # 25197

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For added magnification on your Prism Projector add our Super Prism Lens to achieve 20x the enlargement. A 3-element, color-corrected lens for sharper images and increased brightness. The Super Lens enlarges originals from 2 to 20 times.

To achieve 20X enlargement with the Super Lens on the Prism projector, the projector should be placed 16.5 feet from the projection surface. An approximate rule of thumb is every 9.5 inches away from the projection surface equals a 1X enlargement.

A dark room is required for maximum visibility.

• Overall Dimensions: 3.75" W x 3.75" D x 6" H
• Three Element Color Corrected Lens
• Precision Ground for Projecting Bright Sharp Images
• Ideal for Half-Tones, Detailed Designs and Photos
• For Use with Prism Projector